7 Things to do the Week before your Wedding

Sep 04 , 2019

7 Things to do the Week before your Wedding

It’s the week before the wedding and we know first hand things can get quite hectic during that time. So here are some helpful reminders.

  1. Get your marriage license: You will want to swing by the clerk’s office and get your marriage license. Make sure you both are present with your photo ID’s to sign the license.


  1. Sort and tag: Start sorting out your décor and label the boxes, so your planner/ decorator knows what’s in each box, knows what to put out, and knows where everything goes.



  1. Try on everything: Try on your wedding dress with your shoes and jewelry to make sure you don’t need any last minute adjustments.


  1. Make your ring shine: Take your ring to the jewelry store for a nice cleaning. That way it can be sparkly and shiny before the big day.



  1. The final count: Confirm your RSVP’s and add the 1 or 2 friends/ family that you know won’t RSVP but will show up. Once you finalize the headcount give it to your caterer and venue.


  1. You may all be seated: Finalize your seating chart with your final revisions and send to your caterer, planner, and venue.


  1. Speak from the heart: If the 2 of you are writing your vows you will want to practice a few times out loud before the big day.


*Bonus tip: This may not apply to everyone lol, however if you’re like me and can become very emotional and  feel you might get choked up saying your vows. You can do like my sister-in-law did, and get in a really good cry before putting on your makeup. So when the time comes you will be all cried out. It might sound a little weird, but it does help for some. 😊


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