Stephanie and Ryan Copeland: A Love Story

Stephanie Aviles and Ryan Copeland Yacht Starship

Stephanie and Ryan Copeland: A Love Story

It was an awesome moment at The Yacht Starship in Clearwater,Florida as Stephanie and Ryan Copeland became man and wife. The lovebirds decided to use the venue because it felt like the best place to take their family on a vacation without going too far. As it turned out, it was the perfect place for the couple to take their wedding vows.

The Beginning
The journey for Mr. and Mrs. Copeland started years ago when Ryan noticed Stephanie while on a lunch with friends in Downtown Columbia. Though he took interest in her, he didn’t get the chance to speak to her at that time. He felt he had missed a great opportunity and told his friends about it later. It was a pleasant surprise for Ryan, however, when he was getting off the elevator at work one day and bumped into Stephanie as the door opened. It took some few lunch dates and messaging for the two to become close. They started dating after Ryan asked his heartthrob if she wanted to date him.

The Proposal
Ryan popped the big question in the Bahamas. It was in August, 2017 when the couple and their friends were on a cruise. One sweet day after Dinner, Ryan asked Stephanie to head back to the room with him for a moment. He found a nice bottle of wine and poured a glass before taking Stephanie to the balcony. There, Ryan got down on one knee and confessed his undying love. He asked her to marry him. Stephanie was shocked and impressed but she knew she wanted to marry him all along. She said yes and the journey to marriage started.

The Wedding Venue
For the wedding of their dream, Ryan and Stephanie agreed that The Yacht Starship will be the right venue. They also decided to work with ADR Décor, Sarah Rose Events, and Jasmin Baetzel Photography. Their decisions were brilliantly rewarded. ADR Décor did what they know how to do best, making the venue so beautiful that the couple and their guest found it magical. The atmosphere was exceedingly radiant as Stephanie and Ryan said ‘I do’ to each other. With the sun setting in the background, the new couple cruised around the number one beach in the US with their wonderful friends and family.

Stephanie and Ryan Copeland had such an amazing weddings that cannot be forgotten easily. According to the couple, their friends talked about the event for weeks. The couple had a vision and ADR Décor helped to make it come true. We wish them many years of marital bliss.

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