Vendor Spotlight: Bliss Creative Atlanta

Oct 30 , 2019

Vendor Spotlight: Bliss Creative Atlanta

This week we have a guest blogger and putting the spotlight on Kimberly Folkes  where she will discuss wedding invitations. She specializes in graphic design and events and wedding stationery.

What are some wedding invitation trends? 

 Today, I find that the new hype with wedding invitations are items that are translucent or clear, such as vellum and acrylic. Acrylic invitations are a very beautiful but once all of the items are added, they can be very pricey per set. Vellum is a great way to give that translucent look and save on printing cost and postage. Vellum can also be used as a overlay or wrap around the invitation.  


Acrylic Example: 



Vellum Wrap Example: 

 Vellum Wrap


Wedding monograms are always a trend with stationery. I design the monogram for the invitations and we then can use it amongst many items for the wedding - stamps, napkins, cups, day of stationery such as programs and menus.  


Typically with the monograms I will add the couple’s first name initials and complete it with a garland or wreath. If my couple’s want something more custom, we reach out to one of my watercolor or illustrator friends and create something for them.  


Monogram Example: 



Right now, I am a big fan of mixing different paper colors together and not keeping the same paper color consistent throughout the whole invitation suite. In addition to that, i love trying out different printing methods such as white ink printing which is both affordable and allows you to print on darker paper colors.  


Mixing Papers & White Ink Example: 

 Mixing Papers

My last favorite trend would be adding envelope liners to the invitations. Liners can be anything from a plain color to textured papers. Often I will find a roll of wrapping paper to even turn into a liner. 

Envelope Liner Example: 

 Envelope Liners



What should wedding invitations say? 


Wedding invitations can either be very traditional or modern when it comes to verbiage and overall design. 


Wedding invitations should include the following: 


  • Who's hosting 
  • The request to come to the wedding 
  • The names of the couple 
  • The date and time 
  • The location 
  • Reception information 
  • Dress code 
  • Separate RSVP card 

You will want to start off by including who is hosting the wedding aka who’s paying - this would be where you include parent/guardian names or the couple’s names if they are hosting or prefer not to have a host line. Where the wedding is located will also determine the verbiage you will use on the request line. If it is more traditional and in a church, typically you will use the phrase: “request the honour/honor of your presence...” whereas a more modern invitation could read: “the pleasure of your company...”  


In addition to the names of the couple, you will then include the wedding date, time, location and address. You will end the wedding invitation with reception information (which can also be added on an insert card) and dress code if there is one - be sure to add this! 


Your insert cards would include a reply card & envelope, or a way for your guests to RSVP. Optional insert cards are details, accommodations, or anything you may need your guests to know prior to the wedding day.  

Wording Example: 




 When should wedding invitations be mailed out? 


When to mail out your invitations depends on a few things: 


  1. Is this a destination wedding? 
  1. Will family and friends be traveling to the wedding? 
  1. Do you plan to send out a Save the Date? 


Save the dates should be mailed 6-12 months before your wedding. If this is a destination wedding or requires a lot of travel for the guests I highly recommend sending between 8-12 months out. Adding your accommodations and weekend wedding dates to your save the dates are also a great way for your guests to begin planning their travel arrangements. This can be as simple as inserting a card or adding a wedding website where guests can be updated accommodations and events happening.  


Wedding Invitations should be mailed 8-10 weeks before the wedding date. You will want to meet with your planner and be sure to agree on a deadline for vendors who need headcounts to ensure that your reply by date is on time. 


When mailing your wedding stationery I always recommend to take one to the post office to get weighed before applying stamps and mailing. 


Following the wedding you will want to send out your thank you notes as soon as possible.  


I actually designed a timeline for your wedding stationery which can be found here:


Mailing Example: 



My info: 

Kimberly Folkes 

 IG: @blisscreativeatl 

FB: Bliss Creative Atlanta 


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